Group Deneve belongs to the new generation of project developers. They invest in unique projects to build your future. Group Deneve is the reliable partner to guarantee a high standard of living by doing more for you than just building a home: Creating a carefree place where there is room to enjoy…

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You can always contact Group Deneve for questions about real estate and projects.
You will always be optimally informed. Would you like to discuss concrete real estate plans,
please feel free to drop by for a no-obligation discussion. 

Projects in development

A luxurious penthouse with parking? Or would you prefer a closed or semi-detached house, each with its own garden and parking? Or a new-build apartment with
south-facing private garden and/or terrace? 


Curious about what we already have on our record? Take a look at our realizations and get to know our total sense of beauty, quality, durability and detail. 


Think about the future and invest

You have saved a nice sum but you can't find the meager interest
on a savings account or the risk on the stock market?
Come and visit us and discover the many attractive benefits that an investment in real estate entails in the short and long term. 


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